The Power of Leadership Coaching: How It Can Help Your Business

Leadership coaching can be a powerful tool for executives and companies alike. It can help leaders to more accurately assess their weaknesses, gain a better perspective on their abilities, and how to best use them. Working with an executive coach can help those in leadership positions learn to empower themselves and their team members. But do companies and executives really get value from their coaches? When we asked coaches to explain the healthy growth of their industry, they said that clients keep coming back because “coaching works.” However, the survey results also suggest that the industry is plagued by conflicts of interest, blurred lines between what coaches best manage and what should be left to mental health professionals, and incomplete mechanisms for monitoring the effectiveness of coaching participation.

The personal benefits of coaching are obvious: it develops the leadership traits par excellence needed to run a company effectively and earn the respect of others. Leadership coaching can help leaders to see beyond their own limitations and to use their resources more effectively to make the best decisions for their teams and organizations. Executive or leadership coaching is professional training that helps business leaders to promote crucial skills, personality traits and habits. The importance of leadership in everything from promoting psychological safety to increasing outcomes is well documented.

In addition, as leaders improve their communication skills and identify their blind spots and biases, leadership coaching can help individual leaders develop empathy, compassion, and understanding of things they would not otherwise have. Studies show that leadership interventions based on coaching improve executive performance while increasing employee work performance. Leadership training and training services aren't just for personal benefit, even if some people think they are. When leadership coaching is done right, leaders gain and improve key communication skills that they may not have even realized were weaknesses.

While the “fake it until you make it” mentality works for some, employees benefit most under the leadership of an executive who actively works to self-evaluate and grow. Just like a patient wants to trust their surgeon wholeheartedly, employees want to feel safe under the leadership of a confident and balanced leader. Executives who work with coaches also develop leadership coaching skills to bring to their organizations. For those workers, leadership development represents a significant opportunity to improve their company culture.

Since attitudes and work ethics often flow from the top to the bottom, this means that more people become more efficient and happy with better leadership. Leadership coaching can help companies improve diversity in their talent channels and provide underrepresented individuals with opportunities to gain valuable leadership skills. Integrity and Values has more than 25 years of solid experience in leadership with consistent and proven results on how to develop teams in a way that meets their organizational objectives. We offer a leader development platform and a network of certified coaches that allow you to customize, manage, measure and scale complex leadership development programs across your organization.