Coaching as a Leadership Tool: Unlocking Unit Performance

Coaching is a powerful leadership tool that can be used to unlock unit performance. It provides flexible guidance that focuses on the individual or team's strengths and opportunities for success. This type of counseling can help leaders make decisions about maintaining organizational performance, business continuity, and the protection, well-being, and financial security of their workforce. Coaching also helps business leaders develop emotional intelligence, with greater self-awareness, empathy and self-control. Consistent coaching, training, and mentoring provide the foundation on which honor, courage, and commitment are instilled throughout a marine's leadership development.

Professional coaches provide observations and feedback on individual performance and help leaders develop strategies for personal improvement. As an integral function of daily leadership, coaching provides feedback, often informally. A successful coach is able to transmit his values, mentality and philosophy to his marines through his behavior, attitude and actions. Coaching has been shown to have a powerful and positive impact on self-confidence, well-being and work performance. It also helps identify future leaders and provides them with the skills needed to advance their careers. The goal of Marine Corps leadership is to develop the leadership qualities of Marines so that they can assume ever greater responsibilities to the Marine Corps and society.

During the first stage of coaching, “raising awareness” about the process, leaders use questioning to generate thinking and reflection. It provides direct guidance and defines how all leaders should teach, train, advise and advise on a daily basis. When a manager receives professional training, their team members also benefit from the mentoring, leadership development, and coaching culture that the manager brings to the organization. It provides marines with the opportunity to create and maintain their own development opportunities, accept responsibility for their performance, and develop stronger unit skills, capacities, and cohesion. For more information beyond the course materials, use the following link to explore the occupational fields of coaching. Coaching is an invaluable tool for unlocking unit performance that can help business leaders develop emotional intelligence while providing direct guidance for teaching, training, advising and advising.