How do you charge online coaching?

Another popular pricing strategy among online coaches is to charge a fixed amount each month. With this pricing structure, you offer a specific service (agreed in advance) in exchange for a monthly fee. You could say that you offer a certain number of calls per month and add any other service you want. When you're in person you can be much more practical, but when you're online, you can spend a lot more time actually working with the customer.

If we add all the value, the benefits, the time spent with the coach and the results achieved, we get a higher premium as an online coach. Analyzing the available options will give you a good idea of what customers are willing to pay for your personal training services and will prevent you from charging more or less. Dave Smith was chosen as Canada's best fitness professional for his innovative online fitness training that he found at Make Your Body Work. With in-person training, you can offer much more outside of the session for 30 minutes or an hour, while with online training you can offer much more.

This way, you don't charge your customers for the time you spend, but for the results you offer, for the transformation of their lives. Doing some research on the prices your competitors charge for their services will give you a good idea of the price range you should aim for. And while it makes sense for a seasoned professional to charge more than a novice, this doesn't mean you should short sell. So, if you offer your customers personal visits by phone or Skype calls, email access, or regular updates, don't hesitate to charge for this additional personal time.

If you're new to the business, you might think it's better to charge a really low price to be more competitive. Let's look at the different types of monetization models you can use to set the price of your online coaching program. Look for relevant online courses to see what other coaches charge and stay within this range. The main difference that has to do with what you charge is what you offer in your program and also your niche market.

The advantage of getting paid weekly is that you get paid more at the end of the year, since there are 52 weeks.