What is the framework for life coaching?

A coaching framework is a set of established reference points designed to guide a series of coaching conversations. This approach helps to keep coachees and coaches on the same page, to measure progress, and to ensure that the client achieves the desired result. Coaching sessions are different from normal conversations. There are several different coaching models you can use to work better with your clients.

A coaching model is a set of principles, actions, and steps you can follow with a client to structure a session for the benefit of your client. Do you use a framework in your coaching? If so, other coaches might benefit from getting to know you. Tell us about it in the comments section. We've categorized our publications so you can learn more about specific areas of training.

Training skills go beyond the basics The basics for starting a training practice Certification course program Live training courses On-demand training On-demand training On-demand training Community coaching Group mentor Group training The Coaching Exchange. What this also means is that, even if you used the exact same training framework to guide each of your training sessions, conversations will unfold differently with each of your clients. How you implement a given coaching framework will also depend on your unique approach and coaching philosophy.